Cooperation - Investors and investment groups

Offers for cooperation by investors and investment groups

Cooperation - Investors and investment groups

The international business platform offers interesting forms of cooperation to companies, institutions and individuals from around the world.
The international business platform connects businesses of all sizes, forms, and fields of industry. The platform supports import, export, acquisition, business cooperation and investment for firms and individuals from all over the world.

It makes offerings goods and services to new partners easy, effective, fast and affordable, both in one's own country and in other countries across the world. Companies use the platform to find new producers, sales partners or other attractive acquisitions. It is also interesting for investors or companies who are seeking investors.

Make use of the platform for your company and your clients.


We are looking for investors

We are looking for strong local (national), regional and international investors for our clients and partners who have interesting projects in over 30 different industries and services. Use the platform to invest in exceptional projects:

  • Start-ups
    Invest in growing and promising projects across disciplines that have an interesting local, regional or global potential. This way you can get interesting investment opportunities for your company and your clients and make an interesting valuation...

  • Established companies
    Many successful companies from different industries across the globe are looking to finance their further significant growth and development. Our platform will give you an overview of exciting opportunities from around the world.

  • Acquisitions
    Expand your investment portfolio and take advantage of buying an interesting company or direct investment

Present your plan or get a regular overview

Choose your own form of collaboration with to suit your own needs. We have prepared several options for you...


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