Export to the European Union

Export to the European Union

We offer support and cooperation for production companies, which would like to export their products to the countries of the European Union. If you have an interesting product in your portfolio and you would like to reach new customers within the European Union, Contact us.
The European Union is looking for interesting products. It is a large and financially interesting market with a population of more than 510 million. In many cases, it offers a great opportunity for quality products.

Together we can reach businesses and citizens and offer them interesting products. Contact us.




Provider contact:
Petr Hamrozi
Hamri Plus s.r.o.

Polni 411, 739 61 Trinec, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 558 986 499
Phone: +420 733 139 882 (CZ), +421 915 946 533 (SK)
E-mail: petr.hamrozi(at)hamri.cz
Www: www.hamri.cz

Date of entry

August 15, 2018



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