Import to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland

Import to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland

Companies of the Czech Republic are looking for interesting business opportunities for the Czech, Slovakian, and Polish market. If you produce interesting products or offer unique services and are seeking a platform for representation in these markets (or perhaps for the entire EU), contact us.

We can offer your products or services to citizens or companies in these countries. Longterm business and marketing experience help us to reach new customers foremost in the regions of the:

Czech Republic

Aproximately 45 million residents live in these countries.
Strategically it is located in the heart of Europe. And in certain fields, it is still a developing market with great potential and opportunity.

We look forward to your offers.




Provider contact:
Petr Hamrozi
Hamri Plus s.r.o.

Polni 411, 739 61 Trinec, Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 558 986 499
Phone: +420 733 139 882 (CZ), +421 915 946 533 (SK)
E-mail: petr.hamrozi(at)

Date of entry

September 8, 2018


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